Rare sighting of dolphins caught on camera off Pembrokeshire coast

The footage show just how close Charlie got the marine mammals. Credit: Charlie Thomas

A rare sighting of a 300-strong pod of dolphins have been caught on camera off the Pembrokeshire coast.

The rare sighting was captured by 15-year-old Charlie Thomas from Llangloffan, Pembrokeshire.

Charlie and his father Ron encountered up to 300 Common Dolphins, a rare sight indeed whilst on a fishing trip in Abercastle.

The footage show just how close Charlie and his dad got the marine mammals.

A similar sighting was witnessed by visitors and staff in the water off Skomer Island on Monday.

A Basking Shark also put in an appearance in Cardigan Bay, New Quay yesterday.

We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We thought we were dreaming, it was such an incredible experience and one that I’ll never ever forget.

– Charlie Thomas