1. Nick Powell

Green deputy leader wants to switch to Welsh politics

Amelia Womack is originally from Newport but stood in London for the Westminster election in May. Credit: Green Party

A deputy leader of the Green Party of England and Wales is trying to switch from campaigning in London to becoming a candidate in next year's Welsh Assembly election. Amelia Womack is originally from Newport but until now has been very much a London politician, living in Lambeth and fighting the Camberwell & Peckham Westminster constituency.

She's seeking the nomination for the Cardiff Central constituency and -more significantly- hoping to be top of the Wales Green Party's regional list for South Wales Central. Opinion polls have occasionally suggested that the Greens could gain a list seat in the Senedd.

I am excited to be running for selection for the Welsh Assembly next year. This is a real opportunity for the Green Party to provide a platform for radical change across Wales. Our country needs a Green voice more than ever, and the May elections offer a genuine chance to make that a reality.

– Amelia Womack

The Wales Green Party is part of the England and Wales party, although the Scottish Greens are a separate organisation. They have won seats in the Scottish Parliament but there are seven list seats in each region of Scotland, compared to four in Wales. The rise of UKIP, which expects to pick up list seats in the Assembly next May, makes the task of a smaller party tougher than ever.