UKIP candidate steps down from Assembly election

UKIP's Llyr Powell has stepped down from the Assembly elections. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Llyr Powell has announced he will not be standing for UKIP in May’s Assembly elections.

He was selected to stand in the Neath constituency and on the party’s list in the South Wales West region, but following controversial comments from another UKIP candidate, Gareth Bennett, about Eastern Europeans, he will no longer be standing for UKIP.

There were calls for Gareth Bennett to be deselected following his comments about Eastern Europeans. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

In an interview with WalesOnline last month, Gareth Bennett, UKIP candidate for Cardiff Central and top of the party’s list in the South Wales Central region, said it was possible Eastern European immigrants were responsible for the capital’s litter problems.

Llyr was one of 16 UKIP candidates who signed a letter calling for the party to de-select Mr Bennett.

Following UKIP’s decision to support Mr Bennett as a candidate, in an interview with Hacio Llyr said he could no longer stand for the party.

You can read more on this story on the Hacio website.