'Sad Monday' for Port Talbot as Tata plant goes up for sale

Tata's Port Talbot will go up for sale today. Credit: PA images

It will be a 'sad Monday' for Port Talbot with the start of the sale of the Tata steel plants in the UK. That's the message from Neath Port Talbot Councillor John Warman.

He's worked at the plant for over 30 years said that short term expediency would not be answer to keep Port Talbot going.

John Warman will be outside the steel works later this morning rallying support to save the industry.

Councillor John Warman has described the sale of Tata as a sad Monday.

There's still a cloud of uncertainly remaining for Port Talbot and it would be a bitter blow to the steelworkers and the surrounding community if the works were to be sold off in a piecemeal fashion and was disturbing to hear that one potential buyer would have doubts in keeping the blast furnaces going.

The Port Talbot plant is a fully intergrated steelworks from iron to steel coils and should remain so.

– Councillor John Warman, Neath Port Talbot Council