4000 year-old red deer skull found in Borth

A red deer skull, thought to be 4000 years old has been found in Borth, Ceredigion.

Credit: UWTSD

Researchers at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Lampeter are currently examining the skull and antlers which were discovered on the beach in Borth.

The find comes from a large channel cut through the well-known fossil forest preserved at the beach.

Credit: USWTSD

This is a wonderful discovery that really brings the forest and its environs to light. Although the exact age of the skull has yet to be confirmed, it’s probable that the channel within which the find was made is contemporary with the forest, and so an age in excess of 4000 years old is likely. It is wonderful that this find was reported to us so that we could recover these remains for scientific study rather than it ending up on the wall in somebody’s house, lost to the world much as it has been for the last 4000 years.

– Dr Martin Bates