Coffee shop's discount for Dalek orders

A Cardiff coffee shop is offering customers five per cent off their bill - if they order in a Dalek voice.

Credit: PA

The Doctor Who discount is being offered to customers at the Field of Beans in Roath Park, Cardiff, with a sign outside. The notice says:

Order in a Dalek voice and get five off your bill. Arrive in a Tardis and get your coffee for free.

– Coffee shop notice

The shop is famous locally for its comedy signs including one saying "Today's Special: Order two coffees and pay for them both."

We just like to make people smile and our signs are a good way of doing that.

Doctor Who is quite popular in Cardiff so we thought we'd give our customers this discount.

No-one's been brave enough to do it yet – and unfortunately nobody has turned up in a Tardis."

– Joint owner Roff Williams