Police to prosecute anti-social 'free runners'

North Wales Police says it will crackdown on anti-social youths running over buildings.

The sport of parkour or free running. Credit: PA

Officers in Conwy say the practice of "free running" is an increasing trend and youths are using the roofs of buildings in the Llandudno area, including schools, shops, offices and churches.

Police say it is only a matter of time before someone falls and is seriously injured or killed.

If you participate in free running, using street furniture or private or public buildings, you are putting yourself and others at risk of serious injury. You could also cause criminal damage to property.

We want to educate the young people who do this about the dangers. However, to ensure their own safety we will prosecute those who commit these offences in a bid to deter others and also to reassure the wider public that we are dealing with this extremely dangerous anti-social behaviour.

– Sergeant James Keene