Cook serves up haul of hospital history

Credit: ABMU Health Board

A hospital cook's passion for porcelain has helped preserve a slice of Cefn Coed’s history.

Tina Maddrell couldn’t bring herself to throw away a collection of china crockery bearing the hospital’s name so she kept it safely in a locker.

Now Tina has handed it over to delighted members of ABMU’s Heritage Group who want to collect artefacts, pictures and anecdotes to celebrate Cefn Coed Hospital’s history.

I love old china and this is special because it’s stamped with Cefn Coed Hospital.

There was a lot of china stored in a cupboard under the stairs – the remains of different sets from different periods. About eight years ago we had big clear outs of lots of old stuff but I decided to put it all away in our locker.

– Tina Maddrell, hospital cook

The china is said to be a reminder of how the hospital used to be run when formal dining was regular occurrence.