Tips to take away maths fear factor for parents

Credit: Ralf Hirschberger/DPA/PA Images

Education Secretary Kirsty Williams has launched new learning materials, including online videos, aimed at getting more parents involved in their children’s maths homework.

She says the new resources, which have been developed with input from three Welsh numeracy experts, aim to make it less stressful for parents or carers helping out with their children’s maths homework.

Booklets have been produced, and published online today, and include four maths calculations, at a level appropriate to each age group. Accompanyingvideos have also been produced, and filmed in a homework scenario, to demonstrate to parents and carers how best to help with each calculation.

We recognise the importance of parental engagement being the vital link between school and the home and have been speaking to parents and carers about how they can help.

One recurring concern seems to be a fear of maths and how they can support their child at home. Our new learning resource has been produced to encourage them to engage with their children and support them with their maths homework and it comes just in time for the start of a new school year.

– Kirsty Williams AM, Education Secretary