Neil McEvoy AM returns to Plaid Cymru group.

Neil McEvoy AM has been restored to the Plaid Cymru Assembly group. He was temporarily suspended after an Adjudication Panel found he'd bullied a Cardiff Council employee in his role as a Cardiff councillor. Mr McEvoy was suspended as a councillor for a month but denies any wrongdoing snd has in the past indicated he intends to appeal.

A Plaid Cymru spokesperson said: “The Plaid Cymru group has agreed to restore the whip to South Wales Central AM Neil McEvoy. It follows a statement from Mr McEvoy relating to the recent Adjudication Panel ruling.”

In a statement Mr McEvoy said:

‘I have reflected on the judgment of the Adjudication Panel. I stand by my actions in defending a single mother and daughter facing an unnecessary eviction. I maintain that my comment was not directed at the Council officer, but I acknowledge that she has said that my comment caused distress and for that I apologise. The complaint was later made by a Labour councillor, and I maintain that the complaint against me was politically motivated. I am exploring with my legal team seeking leave from the High Court for judicial review of the Adjudication Panel’s decision. I will respect the verdict of that appeal.’

– Neil McEvoy AM