Labour make gains while Lib Dems are wiped out

Labour gained Cardiff North, Vale of Clwyd and Gower from the Conservatives, winning their highest share of the Welsh vote since Tony Blair's first landslide victory in 1997.

The Liberal Democrats were wiped out after Mark Williams lost the Ceredigion seat to Plaid Cymru.

Final seats: Labour - 28 Conservatives - 8 Plaid Cymru - 4

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Liberal Democrats on brink of Welsh wipeout

There's a recount underway in Ceredigion, where Plaid Cymru have been narrowly ahead. If the recount confirms that result, it will mean that despite a slump in support in much of Wales, Plaid will have increased its number of MPs from three to four. The Liberal Democrats would be left with no Welsh MPs. The Lib Dems and their predecessors have always had Welsh representation at Westminster since the Victorian era.

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