National Assembly to be renamed Welsh Parliament under new law

Legislation is to be put forward to change the name of the National Assembly for Wales as the Welsh Parliament/Senedd Cymru.

The Assembly Commission says it has agreed to legislate to rename it, following a unanimous Assembly vote in July 2016, before the end of this Assembly to a name 'which reflects the institution's constitutional status as a national parliament'.

61% of 2,821 respondents agreed or strongly agreed the Assembly should change its name.

Believed the name that best described the institution's role was Welsh Parliament/Senedd Cymru

A new name for the Assembly will also mean a name change for its members. Despite 30% of people voting for Member of the Welsh Parliament (MWP), the Assembly Commission said members would be known as Welsh Parliament Members (WPM)/Aelodau o Senedd Cymru(ASC)

The change will be taken forward as part of a wider programme of reforms being considered following the transfer of the relevant powers by the Wales Act 2017.

The Llywydd of the National Assembly for Wales, Elin Jones AM, said it's hoped the change will 'play a part in ensuring that more people fully understand the powers of the Assembly and the role it plays in their lives'.