Man 'lucky to be spotted' in night-time rescue off Swansea

Credit: RNLI/Andy Miles

Rescue crews say a man who was rescued from a river near Swansea last night was 'lucky to be spotted' in the dark.

Coastguards and lifeboat responded to a search for a person in the water off the West Pier at the entrance to the River Tawe at around 11.15pm.

The man was found a mile south of the pier by the all-weather lifeboat. He was taken ashore, where he was cared for by the medical team and ambulance at Swansea Marina.

He was lucky to be spotted after drifting so far out. We had stopped in the water to start our commence search position when one of our volunteers spotted him. We're very grateful for the assistance of the members of the public who assisted with the search too. We as always urge anyone who thinks they may have spotted someone entering the water to contact the UK Coastguard on 999.

– Martin Double, Coxswain of the Mumbles Lifeboat