Agreement to be made between UK and Welsh government on water power

An agreement over water is to be made which will see powers shared between the UK and Welsh governments.

Credit: Neil Squires/Press Association Images

The UK Government currently has powers which mean it could intervene if it believes devolved functions risk having a 'serious adverse impact' on water resources, water supply or water quality in England.

The new deal will mean UK ministers will no longer be able to intervene in decisions made in Wales.

The introduction of this protocol addresses an existing imbalance in the devolution settlement that could, in theory, result in UK Government Ministers intervening in matters that are the responsibility of the Welsh Government.

I am pleased with the constructive and positive way in which both administrations have approached the drafting and implementation of an agreement which, importantly, means water consumers on both sides of the border are safeguarded.

– Lesley Griffiths AM, Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs