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Lorry gets stuck in Somerset

The lorry became stuck in Brompton Regis on Thursday Photo: ITV News

A lorry driver has wedged his vehicle between a house and a churchyard wall in a Somerset village, closing the road and damaging the house.

The vehicle, which belongs to Polish firm Skat, became stuck in Brompton Regis on Thursday evening.

It is believed to have been carrying paper to a paper mill in Watchet.

The road remains closed while the Highways Agency attempts to recover the vehicle.

Homeowner Kevin Steer said the lorry is "embedded" in the side of his house, and has caused considerable damage, including ripping off guttering, slates, bargeboard and electric cable.

He said: "I'm not overly surprised. Lorries of this size come through on a regular basis and the roads really aren't fit for 44 tonne lorries. They were designed for hose and cart and not for this size transport, and so the guttering normally comes off - but this is the first time I've had the lorry take the house out."