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Deer marooned by flood waters

The deer were able to move a few yards in each direction but unable to find a dry exit from their predicament. Photo: John Hawkins/GNS

People on the Highnam to Gloucester cycle path near Over on Christmas Day say they saw a herd of around 15 red deer marooned by floodwater.The animals were clustered together on a narrow strip of boggy land surrounded by floods from the River Leadon and Severn behind the Toby Carvery and Over Farm Market.

The deer became stuck as the land on both sides was underwater. Credit: John Hawkins/GNS

The deer were moving a few yards in each direction but unable to find a dry exit from their predicament.The land on all sides was underwater from the river floods and because the fields were still waterlogged from Monday's torrential downpours.When a group of walkers tried to get closer to the deer to help them, the animals panicked and a large stag led the way as they charged into the floods.

I was worried about them because they seemed to be stuck and unsure about what to do.I don't know where they came from - I have never seen deer in that area before. I think they must be a farmed herd which escaped from somewhere because none of them males had their antlers.How they got themselves into that predicament I don't know because there was water all around them and even the strip of grass they were on was very waterlogged.

– Maria Williams, from Highnam who saw the deer

Finding it not as deep as they had feared, the animals gained confidence and moved safely through the flood waters and away.

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