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"The babies respond really positively"

Harpist Mark Harmer says his music fills the room without being too loud. Photo: ITV News West Country

Premature babies and their parents have been relaxing on a neonatal ward to the sound of a harp.

A musician has been playing to them as part of a project to bring music to hospital wards

The music is relaxing not just for babies but also their parents. Credit: ITV News West Country

With some of these babies born premature they and their parents can be on the ward for many weeks, and doctors say parents, babies and staff all benefit from the music.

Consultant Paediatrician Dr Jennifer Holman says it's unusual but the babies respond very positively. Credit: ITV News West Country

What is it about the harp which is so serene and soothing? I think it is because it has its own reverberation. If I play something, the sound takes quite a long time to die away. And so it imposes its own pace on things. And because it is an acoustic instrument it seems to fill the room without being loud.

– Mark Harmer, harpist
Parents says the harpist's music is very soothing to their babies. Credit: ITV News West Country

Mark creates original tunes for each baby by using the letters of their names. Ken Goodwin reports:-