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Is Bristol the worst city in the UK for motorists?

Is Bristol the worst city in the UK for motorists? Photo: Tim Ireland/PA

On average, commuters in Bristol spend 84 hours a year stuck in traffic. But a new report by the city council suggests more people are choosing to leave the car at home and commute on foot or by bike.

The Alliance of British drivers say Bristol's roads are among the worst in the country.

They've made the city a reluctant poster child for congestion with a video they say highlights the main problems on the roads.

Bob Bull is a member of the campaign group. He took us on a tour of a city he says is becoming increasingly anti-car.

One way streets for cars but not for cyclists. Have you ever met a cyclist going down a one way street in the middle of the road. It's frightening becuase they're coming at you. It's just anti-car. Everything seems to be against the motorist.

– Bob Bull

At peak times, more than 100 thousand vehicles head to the city. Mayor George Freguson says he's not anti car and is simply trying to keep Bristol moving.

Businesses are telling us routinely that congestion is a pain. They find their employees take a long time to get into work, especially for those working peak 9-5 type hours. But also businesses that do deliveries are finding that their drivers are stuck in traffic and it's causing unnecessary cost to their business.

– George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol

The council says it's doing everything it can to improve things for all road users.

But the alliance of Bristol Drivers is calling for more drastic action. For now, they say, the commuter chaos continues.