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Arcadia performers prepare for thousands in Bristol

Arcadia will showcase some of the world's best DJs Photo: ITV News

Excitement is building in Bristol for Arcadia's first ever UK inner city event and if last night's dress rehearsal was anything to go by people will not be disappointed.

Over the next two nights 12 thousand people are expected in Queen's Square to see some of the worlds best DJs performing from this giant spider. But it's just as much about the performers:

You'll see a lot of pretty incredible aerial performance which will actually be hanging from the cranes above the crowd. A lot of spinning around doing different pieces.

We've got some little robotic spiders which will crawling above the audience picking people up and moving them around the space and we've got a couple of giant tesla coils with 4 million vaults of electricity running up and through and emitting bolts of lighting out of some of our performers heads.

– Pip Rush, Creative director

Joshua Leighton-Trew is a tesla performer and told ITV News that he has suffered from a few bad electric shocks in his job:

The giant insect has toured the world, and was recently used for a performance at Glastonbury. It's now here in Bristol to play a part in the city's role as European Green Capital.

Tesla performers on Arcadia Credit: ITV News

Not only is in the spider made from 90 per cent recycled material but for the first time, the flames will be be fuelled by recycled chip fat from Bristol fish and chip shops.

And the performers like Aerialist Claire O'Neill, who are taking part in the show feel proud to be here:

Thousands of people are expected to enjoy the performances at Arcadia this weekend with tickets for tomorrow night's show now sold out - but there is still a chance to go tonight. You can get your tickets here

You can watch a part of the dress rehearsal below: