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School celebrates Bristol's latest 20mph zone

Today's lesson: "Kill your speed - not a child". Photo: ITV News

Schoolchildren from the final area to adopt Bristol's slower speed limit show their support in large, loud numbers. They seem to be marching today for a safer tomorrow.

Well, let's hear them say exactly what they want:

Opinion remains divided over Bristol's controversial 20 miles per hour speed limit which has now come into force across large parts of the city.

Completion of the final phase was marked today, just a week after opponents forced a debate on the issue.

Twenty is plenty - just a few of the children's handmade signs Credit: ITV News

Headley Park Primary School falls within one of the final eight areas in the city to take on the 20 miles per hour limit, brought in by Mayor George Ferguson in an effort to cut accidents and pollution.

The students have a very clear idea of the benefits of slower driving.

But it's not gone down well with all. 8,000 signatures on a petition calling for the lower speed to be restricted to areas around schools and hospitals prompted a debate at the city council.

The council, though, is adamant the 20 limit is here to stay. So, too, it seems, are the arguments for and against it.

Pupils at Headley Park School paraded through the streets in celebraton Credit: ITV News