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Transgender Remembrance Day: people share their stories

A flag has been raised outside City Hall in Bristol - for the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The transgender flag - the blue, pink and white symbolising the male, female and intersex. Credit: ITV News

Daryn Carter, the director of Bristol Pride Festival, told ITV News why the day is so important:

A transgender woman from Trowbridge who was at the ceremony said that while being trans is easier than it used to be, days like this are of supreme importance in terms of raising awareness.

Cheryl Morgan Credit: ITV News

I began my medical transition in 1994, and the change in social attitudes over that time has been enormous.

Had I come out as trans to my parents or my teachers when I was a child, I would have been sent to an asylum and been subject to electro-shock therapy in misguided attempts to "cure me".

– Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl added that it's an "amazing change" in society that now young children are able to go to primary school in their correct gender.

But she feels there's still lots that need to be done.

Hear how being transgender has affected her life:


As well as workplace discrimination and public harassment, prejudice against trans people can be even more serious - and have tragic and fatal consequences.

The number of trans people around the world who have been killed this year because of who they are.

A tragic example emerged overnight - Vicky Thomson killed herself after being sent to a male prison.

Earlier this year many joined a campaign after Bath trans woman Tara Hudson was sent to an all-male Bristol prison. She has now been moved to the female Eastwood Park.