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For sale: the world's largest sock monkey

Guinness the monkey is more than ten feet tall. Photo: Jody Lewis/ ebay

People have the chance to get their hands on what is officially the world's largest sock monkey - and it's all for charity.

'Guinness', as he's been named, stands at an impressive 10ft 5.5in, weighs 16kg, and is made out of knee-length socks.

Guinness beside a regularly sized sock monkey Credit: Jody Lewis/ ebay

He was made by Jody Lewis, who received confirmation from Guinness World Records that she has secured the title after a seven month wait. The giant toy is now listed on the official Guinness world record website.

Jody, who lives in Bridgwater in Somerset, has spent a year with her impressively proportioned primate, but says the time has now come to find him a new home.

At 10foot 5.59 inches, I've decided he can't live in my house forever, and he is now on the hunt for a loving new owner. (And a good supply of bananas!)

So if you are an avid sock monkey collector, you need an obscure shop display piece, you're in need of something big to hug every night or perhaps you have a secret sock fetish?! Well Guinness the monkey may be for you!

– Jody Lewis
The highest bidder will receive a photocopy of the record certificate Credit: Jody Lewis/ ebay

Guinness is made entirely from individual knee high socks and is filled with hollow fibre - though Jody hasn't ruled out that there may also be stashed in his stuffing "anything my daughters decided to 'hide' in a giant stuffed monkey whilst I wasn't looking!"

Jody is now auctioning the monkey online to raise money for the British Heart Foundation - but transporting Guinness may be tricky.

Because of his size I may not be able to post, he weighs around the 16kg mark, so it may have to be collection from Bridgwater, Somerset UK only, unless you are able to find a courier for something that big!

– Jody Lewis