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Doctors moving abroad to avoid contract dispute

Hundreds of junior doctors here in the West are expected to take part in a second 24-hour strike, as they continue arguing with the Government over proposals to alter their pay and work patterns.

The bitter dispute - over working hours - has led to hundreds of junior doctors being out of the wards and onto the streets.

March held in Bristol in support of junior doctors in February. Credit: ITV West Country

Many are making a judgment to walk out of the profession.

It's really not worth it for the money, it's not worth it for the hours I have to work and the sacrifices I make. The only reason I do it is because I love it so much. So even going back to work on a farm is a tempting prospect.

– Dr Philip Delbridge, Junior Doctor

But some others have already been tempted.

In the last five years more than 600 junior doctors have already made the decision to leave the UK - many to working in places like Australia.

One of those who made that choice is Dr Alice Magniac from Bath who now works in Sydney. She says the controversial contract the Government plans to introduce, was part of her decision to stay abroad.

junior doctors have already made the decision to leave the UK in the last five years.

Speaking to Kylie Pentelow on the programme, Dr Magnaic who's now living in Sydney, explained what Australia offers that working for the NHS in England doesn't.

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