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Bristol mayor accused of 'nasty personal attack' in Green Capital cash row

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson has accused protestors calling for more transparency over how millions of Green Capital money was spent of trying to "catch me out and be political" - including Bristol West's former Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams.

There has been growing controversy over how the cash was spent, with protestors calling for the accounts to be made public.

In an interview with Ian Axton the mayor would not give a clear answer on whether he would publish the full accounts to satisfy people, asking, "why should I give them the ammunition?", and referencing Mr Williams' loss in the 2015 election.

Mr Williams, who represented Bristol West for 10 years, tweeted an angry response accusing Mr Ferguson of a "nasty personal attack".

Bristolians have been responding to the interview on social media, with many expressing anger over the situation.

"Just publish the accounts in full no questions just do it. If you have nothing to hide then this shouldn't be an issue regardless of public/private funding etc."

– Scott Williams

"Transparency... accountability... don't evade the questions... show the people what they want, show the accounts, it's not your money or the limited companies' money, it's the people's money. Public funds - everyone has the right to see how it's been spent down to the last penny!"

– Louise Dean

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See Ian's full interview with the Mayor below.