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The world's longest bank queue? Protestors in Glastonbury fight to keep a local branch

Campaigners fighting the closure of all four High Street banks in Glastonbury have created what they believe is the biggest ever bank queue in the town.

It's part of a video campaign to persuade at least one bank to stay. Two banks have already gone, Barclays is due to shut on Friday and Lloyds is closing on April 4th.

Campaigners got 400 people queuing, 400 potential customers for whichever bank stays in the town Credit: ITV News

Campaigners say Lloyds told them it only has 27 customers in the town. With this queueing campaign they want to show the support that's out there for a local branch.

Watch their campaign video:

An individual bank would be viable commercially.

We've looked at this and done the sums and most of the businesses in the town would transfer their account - not to mention the kudos and the goodwill and the publicity value of it.

– Cllr GABRIEL AVALON, Campaigner

The campaign has collected thousands of signatures.

Barclays and Lloyds say they have branches in nearby Street and fewer customers used them now.

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