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BT slams report claiming Brent Knoll has worse broadband than Everest

Broadband at Mount Everest's base camp is quicker than residents of Brent Knoll Photo: PA

A survey claiming that the Somerset village of Brent Knoll has slower broad band than Mount Everest base camp has been criticised by both BT and the Government.

Speed tests conducted by showed that Brent Knoll the Somerset village had some of the slowest AVERAGE broadband speeds in the country but BT says that 4 out of 5 local customers have access to high speed broadband.

This report doesn't give an entirely accurate picture, as fibre broadband is widely available to the slowest areas identified. Fibre is available to 81% of those connected to the Brent Knoll exchange - a far cry from the 'digital black holes' described.

This report is either based on out-of-date information or on the speeds people choose to buy rather than the maximum speeds available to them.

For an accurate view, we'd encourage people to look at respected, independent reports by the likes of Ofcom, the EU, the International Telecommunication Union and ThinkBroadband.

– BT Spokesman

Digital inequality is a huge problem in the UK, both for those who suffer at the bottom end and for the UK economy as a whole.

While the number of UK households on the right side of the 'digital divide' is increasing thanks to the continuing rollout of superfast broadband, those left stranded are finding themselves further and further behind - to the detriment of both themselves and their local economies.

– Dan Howdle,