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"I know I wouldn't be here without Kate" - dying man says he's blessed to have his wife

Mike and his wife Kate are taking on his cancer battle together Photo: ITV West Country

Mike Brandon has terminal cancer but his wife Kate is desperately trying to raise the money to access potentially life saving treatment.

He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2014.

33-year-old Kate is in a race against time to get her husband on to a new clinical trial in the US which could potentially cure him of cancer.

It is the second time Kate has fought to save Mike's life in two years - as she previously successfully searched for a stem cell donor.

When the doctor says to you that's it, my initial thought was okay well how can I can spend my last few days? What should I do to go out comfortably?

Whereas Kate, there's no such thing as no. She said no we're going to give this a go.

– Mike Brandon
Kate says she wasn't so hopeful at first Credit: ITV West Country

Kate says she's now feeling positive about the next few weeks...

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