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Corbyn on the campaign trail in the West

Jeremy Corbyn launches a workers' rights campaign in Stroud Credit: PA

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has chosen Stroud in Gloucestershire to start a campaign for a new business scheme that will benefit workers and employers.

"Workplace 2020" is aimed at boosting the rights of employees and encouraging trade union membership.

Mr Corbyn formally launched the campaign at green energy company Ecotricity today, 19 May.

In the UK the workplace - this place excepted and others excepted - is one of the most unequal of modern economies.

– Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour leader continued,

"Those at the very top in Britain earn very high wages and low pay is very widespread. Six million people in Britain earn less than the UK living wage and in-work poverty is at record high levels....

"Instead of a race to the bottom in jobs, pay and workplace rights, we'll be shaping a different approach based on full employment, a high skilled workforce with decent pay, rights of the self-employed and the employed and a voice that works for a collective bargain".

The Labour battlebus parked up in Bristol Credit: ITV News

Having revealed his Workplace 2020 strategy, Mr Corbyn and his team moved on to Bristol where he led a rally on behalf of the Vote Remain campaign.

The Labour leader led a rally in Bristol to support the Remain campaign in the EU Referendum Credit: ITV News
Mr Corbyn's views were welcomed by the audience at The Station in Silver Street Credit: ITV News
And many recorded the Labour leader's speech on their smartphones Credit: ITV News
7 June
Deadline for voter registration for the EU Referendum on 23 June
18 - 24-year-olds not yet registered to vote as of 19 June

Polls show the country is evenly split on whether we should leave or remain in Europe and politicians are now turning to young voters who could prove key to the final result.

With the voter registration deadline of 7 June approaching, figures out today show almost a third of 18 to 24 year olds are yet to join the electoral role.

ITV News West Country's Political Correspondent caught up with Mr Corbyn before the rally. He talked about the need to get young people involved - and also told Bob Constantine about his own experience.

North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is backing the Vote Leave campaign describes Mr Corbyn's support of remaining in the EU as "a defeatist appeal to an anti-democratic system".