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No Residents' Parking Zone for area around Southmead Hospital

Bristol City Council has confirmed that it is not considering a Residents' Parking Zone around Southmead Hospital, but said that it is looking at other ways to resolve the chaotic parking situation.

Since the new hospital opened, residential roads around Southmead have been packed with cars and some people who live there have struggled with the increased number of vehicles.

The Council is working to resolve the parking situation

Bristol City Council is working with North Bristol NHS Trust to help tackle parking problems around Southmead Hospital as part of a package of improvements secured at the time of the planning permission for the hospital development. This includes proposing parking restrictions on surrounding streets.

A parking survey has been carried out to assess the scale and scope of hospital-related parking in streets within a 750m radius of the hospital. This information will be added to the local concerns recorded by the Council and will be used to design a suitable parking scheme for the area.

As the scheme is developed, an informal consultation will take place with the local community.“North Bristol NHS Trust is responsible for providing on-site parking and is progressing new facilities for up to 2,700 spaces.”

– Bristol City Council spokesperson