Amesbury finds a new place in history

Last October's dig near Stonehenge uncovered a large haul Credit: Andy Rhind-Tutt

New research has confirmed that Amesbury in Wiltshire, has been continually occupied for every millennia since 8820BC making it the longest continuous settlement in the United Kingdom and this has been confirmed today by the Guinness book of Records.

The parish of Amesbury includes Stonehenge and the latest findings come after a dig last October funded by the University of Buckingham. It unearthed the largest haul of worked flints across the Mesolithic period ever found.

In just 40 days a 31,000 were uncovered in a 16 metre square area and more than 2,000 were found in one square metre – the largest concentration of such finds in Europe. Previously the largest number found in one location around Stonehenge was just 50.

Some of the flints discovered near Stonehenge last October Credit: Andy Rhind-Tutt
A sharpened flint and two Saxon coins found near Stonehenge Credit: Andy Rhind-Tutt

The archeologists working on the dig have concluded that this shows British settlers were behind the building of Stonehenge and not people from Europe as has been often suggested.