Bristol Zoo's tortoise on the mend - after catching a cold!

A giant Tortoise at Bristol Zoo has been feeling a bit under the weather. That's because she's been diagnosed with a cold!

Helen being treated at the Zoo's clinic Credit: Bristol Zoo

Helen, who weighs 14 stone was checked into the Zoo's clinic after keepers found that she had the sniffles.

It was a tough job moving her, celery was also used as in incentive! Credit: Bristol Zoo

It took four men to lift the 32 year old Tortoise who's been at the Zoo for 11 years.

She was given a nasal flush and is now on the mend

She's now on the mend after a final checkup Credit: Bristol Zoo

Helen is an Aldabran giant tortoise – a species classified as ‘vulnerable’. Giant tortoises can live up to 150 years old.