Protest held in Bristol against library closures

Protest held in Bristol against library closures Credit: ITV News

Demonstrations against closing libraries stepped-up a gear today with a mass book-borrow and rally. The protest in Westbury-on-Trym is the latest march against plans by Bristol City Council to cut costs, but families say it'll rip the heart out of their community.

If you start to remove things locally you start to erode the very fabric of community life.

– Campaigner

We love coming to the library. We come every other week and get 20-odd books.

– Campaigner

Oh, essential for me. I learnt to read because of the libraries.

– Campaigner

We've lived here many years, it would break our heart to see this libary close.

– Campaigner

People of all ages across this community queued up for half an hour before the library opened, then everyone took out a couple of books before heading off to process along the road to the village war memorial.

The nearest one is just not convenient to get at, no direct bus route to it, there's no parking up there.

– Campaigner
March to save Westbury-on-Trym library Credit: ITV News

Westbury is one of seven libraries earmarked for possible closure because Bristol City Council says it has to save money. It's gauging public opinion by conducting a survey and says other libraries could bring in longer opening hours; protestors here say that's not good enough.

People campaign to save Wick Road library Credit: ITV News

Just last month, 100 people marched against the closure of Wick Road library, insisting the service must stay local, but if the council does keep all their libraries open, they say other services will have to go. A final decision will be made in August.