Chief Constable has been asked to resign

Avon & Somerset's Chief Constable Nick Gargan has been asked to resign over misconduct charges. A disciplinary report is also to be published.

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Nick Gargan 'deeply sorry' for misconduct, after order to resign

A spokesman said Nick Gargan is Credit: PA

Avon and Somerset Police Chief Constable Nick Gargan is "deeply sorry" for the "flawed judgement" and "ill-advised" behaviour that led to being found guilty of eight charges of misconduct, the Chief Police Officers Staff Association has said.

He has been asked to resign by the area's Police and Crime Commissioner, with his superintendents voting overwhelmingly against him.

A CPOSA spokesman said it was a "huge disappointment" that he had been asked to resign - and said the embattled chief constable's first priority on returning to the force would be to rebuild confidence in the force and in him as leader.

"Chief Constable Gargan is deeply sorry for these and is committed to learning from them.

“We note and respect the views of certain groups of current and retired staff. We share their regret that the good name of the constabulary has been tarnished.

"But the overwhelming majority of the rumours surrounding the chief constable have turned out not to be true; indeed none of the initial allegations that prompted his suspension led to a misconduct finding, let alone a finding of gross misconduct or criminal behaviour. He welcomes publication of the panel's report."

– Chief Police Officers Staff Association spokesman

Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens said today that he had "let down" his colleagues, "abused his position", and had "lost the confidence of local people, police officers and staff".

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