Deaf community targeted in 'despicable' scam

Police have issued a warning to people to be aware of a scam offering lottery funding to members of the deaf community.

Recently, a woman from South Bristol was conned out £4,500 when she was contacted by someone pretending to be one of her Facebook friends.

This person told her about lottery funding available to members of the deaf community, but only if applicants pay a fee.

Fraudsters posed as the victim's friend online Credit: PA

The victim transferred thousands through Western Union and MoneyGram before she realised it was bogus.

These despicable criminals set up a fake profile and posed as someone the victim is friends with on Facebook in order to gain her trust and take her money.

This could happen to anyone but scammers will target the most vulnerable and older people in our community so it’s important we look out for our loved ones and neighbours.

– DC Geoff Smith, financial investigator

Avon and Somerset police say they always advise people to be aware of anyone who is asking you for money or bank details and never to hand over or transfer money to people if they are offering free holidays, goods or services.

This video explains how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of scammers: