For the past four years Robert Hayter has been receiving dialysis for kidney disease three times a week. However his wife Sarah has decided to donate her own kidney to help improve her husband’s health.

Robert developed the condition through diabetes and has been unable to work for years. But if the transplant is a success, it could significantly improve Robert’s health and his ability to do more things.

You take the good things in life and the bad things in life and I'm a very lucky person to be given another chance."

Sarah underwent 3 hours of keyhole surgery in order for her kidney to be removed Credit: ITV West

Sarah has to undergo three hours of keyhole surgery in order for her kidney to be removed. Her other kidney will now take up the full workload. The doctors will complete regular tests to monitor her progress, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

The human body takes better to donated organs from a living person and hospitals are encouraging people to take this route, if possible.

The success rates for the kidney transplant still working at the end of 20 years is far superior to that of a deceased donor kidney transplant."