The extraordinary gift - Dorset wife gives husband her kidney

More than 7500 people across the country are on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Credit: ITV West

There are 7 thousand six hundred people across the country on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Some will die before they get one, while others will wait years for the phone call that saves their life.

For kidney patients there is another option: a transplant from a living donor. We've been following a couple from Dorset who've had such an operation.

For four years Robert Hayter has undergone dialysis 3 times a week. His diabetes has caused kidney disease. Unable to work he's hoping a transplant will change his life.

I'm a lucky person to be given another chance

Sarah Hayter has agreed to give her husband one of her kidneys. The three hour operation to remove it has gone well. Now it's Robert hayters turn in theatre. Although Sarah Hayter's kidney is not an exact match to her husbands. Drugs have been developed to stop his body rejecting it. The surgeon Paul Lear has carried out more than 1000 transplant operations over his career. So how has this one gone?

Not as straightforward transplant as I'd like but actually it's gone very well and the kidney is profusing beautifully so I'm delighted

Three days after surgery the Hayters are up and about.

Feeling terrific never felt better I really was quite surprised how good it was it went pretty smoothly. I'm a very lucky man very very lucky.

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