Shrien Dewani, the Bristol man accused of arranging the murder of his wife on their honeymoon, is due to find out whether he is due to be extradited later.

The care home owner is due to learn whether his High Court appeal against an extradition order has been successful.

He denies arranging the killing of his 28 year old wife Anni. She was shot dead in Cape Town in November 2010.

The appeal has been made on the grounds of his health and risk of suicide. Last year, a judge at Belmarsh Magistrates ruled that he could be sent to South Africa to stand trial. The Home Secretary Theresa May later signed an order for his extradition.

In December, two judges were asked to block that order. A judgement is expected later this morning.

Last night BBC Panorama showed new CCTV footage of Shrien Dewani and his wife Anni on their honeymoon.

This was the Dewani familys statement:

Tonight’s Panorama demonstrates that the allegations against Shrien are deeply flawed.

Shrien is innocent and is determined to return to South Africa to clear his name and seek justice for his wife Anni

Whilst the Panorama investigation is compelling, we believe the correct place to demonstrate Shrien’s innocence is in a court of law.

This can only be done when he is well enough and when his personal safety can be guaranteed.

The family remain hopeful that the British High Court will block any attempt to extradite Shrien until he has fully recovered and it is safe for him to stand trial, if charged.