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College Green is green again

College Green in the centre of Bristol will re-open to the public today. The city council has spent £4000 re-turfing the site after the Occupy Bristol protest finished in February.

The site has been fenced off while the repair work has been carried out Credit: ITV West

Protesters moved onto the site last October and stayed there for three months. The Occupy Bristol protesters were part of a global anti-capitalist movement across hundreds of cities. Despite the peaceful nature of the protest the damage caused to the green was undeniable.

College Green after the protesters left in February Credit: ITV West

There were fears the repair work would cost around £20,000 but two firms stepped in subsidise the re-turfing. Gary Hopkins from Bristol City Council said there had been reports of needles and there was glass at the site.

The total costs for the work total nearly £9500. £5,376 was spent on security on the day of the eviction and fencing around as well as legal proceedings and waste cleansing. The cost of the new turf for College Green was £4000.

We did have some families come to us and say will College Green be safe to use afterwards. There's been reports of needles, there was certainly glass etc. We need to be 100 per cent safe. Not only that it is safe but that poeple know that it is safe

– Gary Hopkins, Bristol City Council
There were reports of needles at the site as well as glass after tOccupy Bristol left the site Credit: ITV West

Watch the full report from David Woodland from the 14 February, the day work began to repair the site at College Green: