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Help for world's rarest duck

The world's rarest duck, the Madagascar Pochard Photo: ITV News

It's one of the world's rarest types of bird.

In fact in the 1990s experts thought the Madagascar Pochard was extinct.

But a few year's ago, deep in the forests of Madagascar, scientists discovered a small lake with just 19 birds clinging on.

The race was on to save them, and experts from Gloucestershire were shipped out to help.

Thanks to their work 18 pochard ducklings have hatched - which has, in effect, doubled the world's population.

Now the hard work really starts. The birds aren't safe yet - it would only take a bout of pollution or disease to wipe the entire population out. Habitat loss, hunting and fishing all present problems. But scientists from the Slimbridge Wetland Centre are working with local people to restore the birds' habitat, release them back into the wild and improve their chances of survival.

Tanya Mercer reports.