Zoo targeted by protesters

Campaigners from Credit: ITV West

Animal rights activists have been protesting outside a zoo farm in Wraxall, in North Somerset today. It's part of a national campaign saying it's wrong for animals to be held in captivity for entertainment.

Today, they encouraged vistors to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm to spend their money elsewhere.**

One of the campaigners, who wished only to be known as "Jenny" told us: "Zoos are an old Victorian idea and its a questions of making money out of showing animals - they should not be in cages. Zoos are not the place for animals. They wont show their natural behaviour, so what kind of education are you really showing the public?"

Anthony Bush, has worked at the farm for more than 50 years, and now owns it. He say's he's only trying to do the very best by the animals and it's not about making money.

"We've never made a profit, its never been the aim of running noah's ark, never has, will, but we do want to look after he animals well, we want to give visters a good experience and I'm sorry that people are handing out leaflets against us as the vistors will see that these leaflets are untrue."

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm has had a history of antagonism with animal rights activists. In 2009 the farm was accused of animal cruelty. But an investigation cleared them of the 16 allegations and said the animals were well cared for.

Despite being found innocent, the farm has continued to be a target for animal rights campaigners.

Protests calling on people to boycott their local zoos will continue across the country throughout the Easter weekend.

But Noah's Ark Zoo Farm says it'll stay open for business as usual.