Weather warning as rain floods roads in the Westcountry

Landrover stuck in a river not far from Withleigh near Tiverton in Devon. Credit: ITV West Country

Strong winds and overnight rain have been causing traffic problems across parts of the South West with floods affecting some roads.

The poor weather conditions are caused by low pressure overnight that brought gusts of up to 60mph coming in from the English Channel.

Along with the strong winds, it's brought up to 40mm of heavy rain.

This Landrover was stuck in a river not far from Withleigh near Tiverton in Devon earlier today. The driver had tried to cross a ford while the water was three feet deep. The current was too strong and swept the vehicle downstream where it came to rest against a footbridge. He had the swim/wade tosafety. A local farmer was later able to pull the landrover out using a tractor.

The Environment Agency has issued flood warnings to people living near riverside locations. Those at risk are being warned to take immediate action by protecting doorways and moving family, pets and valuables to a safe place.

A couple of shots of river Char at Charmouth. High but not flooding yet. Credit: ITV West Country

The bad conditions have coincided with high tides along the South Coast.

Check out the aggressive waves along Torquay's Seafront:

Waves smash against the wall near houses Credit: ITV

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