Deer brings Highbridge to a standstill

This little fellow must have strayed quite far from home Credit:

A deer has been giving police and wildlife experts the runaround in Somerset. They were called to Highbridge on Wednesday after it started causing havoc in the town centre. Traffic came to a standstill when it dodged through the cars. Witnesses said it almost caused an accident.

It was also spotted running through people's gardens in the town. Lawns and bushes may be more familiar to deer but they are a far cry from their natural habitat. Staff from Secret World were called in to work with police officers to rescue it. There were real concerns not only for its own safety but that of motorists in the town.

The deer made a dash through the gardens of Highbridge Credit:

Despite intense efforts to net it, the deer managed to elude its hunters. Finally, it leapt an eight feet wall and made off through Highbridge churchyard back to the wild. You could say it found its own kind of sanctuary.

Either this chap is sticking out its tongue at its would-be captors or its been tucking in to some lovely greenery Credit: