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Wading birds hit hard by recent heavy rain

The heavy rain has been causing havoc for a lot of our wildlife. Wading birds' nests in Gloucestershire have been swamped by flood waters. Conservationists fear a whole generation of birds have been wiped out.

The recent flooding wiped out the nests of shallow water-loving wading birds Credit: ITV West

Despite the beautiful view across Combe Hill Nature Reserve in Gloucestershire there's one thing missing, shallow water loving wading birds, like lapwings. The recent flooding has wiped out all of their nests.

We had lapwing nests, oyster catcher nests, redshank nests and a lot of curlers around the area. With this all under water we've lost the whole lot of them's very dissapointing that what was going to be a bumper year has turned out to be very disappointing

– Jackie Birch, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

The high waters have affected other wildlife too. A local photographer rescued a bank vole which was found on a bush trying to escape the rising waters.

A local photographer rescued this bank vole Credit: Zsuzsanna Bird

However, there was some good news,a family of swans with their signets in Somerset did survive the rainfall. They were found with their parents wandering the streets of Taunton looking for shelter.

A pair of swans were found wandering the streets of Taunton with their signets Credit: ITV West

In Gloucestershire, they're optimistic about the current situation, pointing out nature has a way of recovering. Once the water drains from the meadows the wading birds can return and join the others.

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