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Torchbearer puts Olympic Torch up for sale on ebay

With less than 3 hours to go Torch Photo: ITV WestCountry

8,000 people were chosen to carry the Olympic torch in its journey from Land's End to the Olympic site. The torchbearers were given the option to keep the torch if they paid £215 for it. Now some, have started auctioning off their torches and cashing in thousands of pounds from it.

19-year-old Sophia Cowburn is one the torchbearers who put up her torch for auction. She was nominated because of the work she did in setting up a charity called Invictus Trust, which support teenagers with mental health issues in Cornwall. She says, this is the charity where the money from her Olympic torch will go to.

Below is a video made by Invictus Trust of Sophia talking about the charity and her role as a torchbearer.

We asked some of our viewers about what they thought about torches being sold for charity and here are some comments:

I personally would want to keep it maybe to pass it down the generations but giving it to Charity I guess is a good thing, not sure whether it is good to sell and keep money for themselves though."


If I sold for that I would split it. Half for me and half for the charity. But like people have said, you pay for the torch why not sell it and keep the money?"


I think it's a lovely idea to sell the torches for charity! Selflessness liek this is what makes Britain Great!"


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