Bath and West Show

Bath and West Showground Credit: Bath and West Show

Thousands of people have headed to the Royal Bath and West Show in the heart of Somerset for day one of what the organisers call the biggest rural festival in the country - which will be going on for the next four days. Crucial to an event like this is the weather, and everyone has been keeping their fingers firmly crossed.

This site has been transformed into something resembling a bustling town. There are six hundred trade stands. More shopping than you'd get in many towns or cities.

Food and drink are big news here, with producers coming from across the country. In fact, this is home to the National Cheese Awards. And a little later in the programme we'll be talking to some cheese producers and finding out just what you need to be a champion cheese maker.

No countryside show would be complete without cows Credit: ITV News

And of course no countryside show would be complete without the animals. For weeks now owners have been pampering, preening and preparing their livestock, in the hope of picking up a prize.

Later in the week spectators will be able to watch the Red Devils Parachute team in action but today spectators enjoyed Jean Monti's High Wire: