Cheese rolling will go ahead

Cheese rolling on Cooper's Hill Credit: PA

Cheese-rolling enthusiasts are planning to stage an event in Gloucestershire this year, despite the lack of an official organiser.

The annual event on Cooper's Hill sees entrants chasing an eight pound double Gloucester cheese down the hill.

But in 2010 the event was cancelled amid safety concerns over spectator numbers, and last year it was under threat after plans to charge £20 to take part were met with protests.

Both years the competition went ahead unofficially.

Some 15,000 people turned up for the last official cheese rolling event in 2009 but Cooper's Hill, near Brockworth, is only suitable for about five thousand.

The event was cancelled last year amid a row over plans to sell tickets costing £20.

Speaking then, the organisers said the public backlash over the entry fee had made it unworkable. But an unofficial cheese-rolling event went ahead, despite health and safety fears.