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People's Millions winners complete village pavilion

This is how the new village centre looks now Photo: ITV West Country

It was the moment the tiny Village of Atherington in North Devon had been waiting for and when it came, they couldn't quite believe it. Westcountry tonight viewers had chosen to give £26,000 to complete Atheringtons Village pavillion. A year on and a half on and the jobs done.

This is how the centre looked a year and a half ago Credit: ITV West Country

We've got everything, I can't thing of anything we haven't got. It's fantastic. I love it.

– Maureen Beauchamp, Atherington Pavilion Project

It's a community that really pulls together, using their own hard work and dedication, fundraising, and determination. They managed to put up a structure, but were desperate for the big lottery fund money to finish off the job. They asked for £26,000 although the grant available was £50,000. But with a skilled team of volunteers they didn't need that amount in order to complete the project.

The new pavillion will officially open on saturday where the village will come out to celebrate.

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