World’s largest flower comes to Cornwall

Titan Arum is the world's largest flower Credit: Eden Project

A giant flower that smells like rotting flesh is in bloom at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The spectacular Titan Arum will only be in bloom for a couple of days before it wilts and dies away. It is normally found in the jungles of Sumatra and only a few are grown successfully in artificial surroudings.

It's also noted for the pungent smell it gives off while in bloom.

Horticulturists at the Project predict that the Titan Arum (Latin name Amorphophallus titanum_) will bloom in the Rainforest Biome over the half-term.

The seven-year-old plant, which is an offset of Eden’s 2005 flower, is expected to grow to almost 3m tall. Once fully grown, it will give off a pungent odour, reminiscent of rotting fish, before flopping over and dying just a few days after flowering.

There are also lots of bizarre and brilliant plants to discover around site, including the impressive Titan Arum, so Freaky Nature is a great time to come and explore.

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