Festival wows Cheltenham with science

The festival runs for six days Credit: ITV West

You can watch Ken Goodwin's full report on the Cheltenham Science Festival here.

At first hearing it was a bizarre conversation: "The muons take 50 millionths of a second to reach the ground." He was a professor of particle physics and those listening intently were 6 year old children.

But this was the Cheltenham science festival, where one moment you can be hearing about Dark Matter, and the next you can be finding out how an MRI scanner works.

Over the coming days more than 300 of the worlds greatest thinkers and scientists will come together to celebrate, debate and explore all things scientific.

Organisers hope that as well as attracting adults with an interest in science, children will go along too.

There's plenty for them to see in the discovery zone; cheltenham's spybase GCHQ even has an exhibit: the enigma machine, which Professor Alan Turing and his team managed to crack during the Second World War with one of the first computers. This led to the modern computing technology which we all use and take for granted now.

The festival runs until 17th June