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New developments on stadium saga

Could a new stadium finally become a reality? Photo: Bristol City

New details are expected later today on the long running and often bitter saga surrounding Bristol City Football Club's bid for a new stadium. A High Court judge is tomorrow due to examine the arguments for and against building the 30,000-seater venue on green belt land at Ashton Vale.

The land at Ashton Vale at the centre of the dispute Credit: ITV West

But that hearing could be quashed if Bristol City Council and the Save Ashton Vale Environment (SAVE) group can agree to take the matter straight to an independent planning inspector for a final decision, probably in late summer.

The inspector would look at the council's earlier decision to designate half the site for recreational use and half for development.

The council gave planning permission for the stadium back in November 2009 but that was halted when some local residents won an order to have the entire 42-acre site declared a town and village green.

The council in turn contested that ruling and last month offered to try to settle the dispute with the split-site proposal.

Bristol City Council had suggested dividing the site up Credit: ITV West

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